How to use Whatsapp New Status feature

WhatsApp has revamped the status feature and it has bagged the attention of all its users. This feature is not a fresh notion but is archly inspired, although it has completely drifted the intent of posting a status. The new version involves a time limit of 24 hours, meaning any status you put up, won’t appear after 24 hours, and now only your contact list would be able to see it.

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After updating the app to its latest version, you will see modification in the interface, the contacts tab is now replaced with calls on the right side, chats tab replaced with status in the center and calls tab which used to be on the left now has chats tab in its place.

The status tab has your own status as “My Status” in the top bar, recent updates below it and the viewed updates that you’ve already viewed are in the end.

To use the Whatsapp New Feature:

1. You have to either swipe left or tap on the status bar, click a picture or shoot a video, or add one from your gallery with a caption.

Whatsapp New Feature Status Update
Whatsapp New Feature Status Update

2. After adding a status, you can see how many people have watched it by tapping on the status tab.
3. By scrolling up you have the options to delete it or forward it to someone in your contact list.
4. While watching your friends’ status, you can reply to it by swiping up.
5. To manage privacy of your status, tap on the three dots in the right corner in the status tab.

Whatsapp Status Privacy
Whatsapp Status Privacy

6. You can either let all your contacts watch you status, or else you have the options of omitting a few contacts or making it visible to only the contacts you select.

My Status Viewed Whatsapp
My Status Viewed Whatsapp

7. You also have the option of muting a status update by going in the contact’s status update and tapping mute.

Although this new version of status update is not an unfamiliar practice, it is expected to influence a very large population, as we know WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app among all generations.

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