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Whatsapp Spy: Whatsapp have been the most frequently used and downloaded app among all the available messenger applications available. With the gradual passage of time whatsapp have been used to send personal messages and secret messages. Parents are sometimes very much concerned about their children for the usage of such applications. People want to know what type of media is been shared on whats app or what they are talking about in private behind their backs.

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So, here are the ways and tricks to spy WhatsApp, used to whatsapp hack spy for android and  IOS.

1. Spy WhatsaApp using a spying app

Although the market is full of spying whatsapp softwares, but all of them are not reliable to work. There are only a few apps that genuinely work in spying whatsapp messages. One of such frequently used app is mspy to get whatsapp conversation spy. (Also get best whatsapp status)

How mspy works

In the first step you need to install this app on the target phone, it takes only few minutes. Once the installation is succesfull the monitoring of all the SMS, whatsapp messages and other activities gets started to upload to your mspy account which you can directly access by logging in to your mspy account.

2. MAC Spoofing : the technical and difficult way

The other way to spy whatsapp online messages is to spoof through MAC address of target phone device.
Here are the steps to spoof MAC-

  • Uninstall whatsapp from your phone completely, it may be downloaded again later.
  • The target phone should be available with you for some time till the process gets completed.
  • Now get access to the MAC info of targeted phone.
  • Note down the info of your phone separately repeating the same process.
  • Now you’ll need third party whatsapp spy apk like TERMINAL EMULATOR or BUSY BOX from google play, it will identify the required info in its own interface.
  • Now exchange the mac addresses.
  • set WhatsApp up on first device and enter target’s number.
  • A confirmation code will be sent to targeted mobile, you need to verify it immediately.
  • Once verified your mobile will also start receiving the messaged that the targeted phone will receive.

These two ways are going to be the best Whatsapp spying in 2016. You can Spy whatsapp conversations using these simple tricks.

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