How to use Whatsapp New Status feature

Whatsapp New Feature Update

WhatsApp has revamped the status feature and it has bagged the attention of all its users. This feature is not a fresh notion but is archly inspired, although it has completely drifted the intent of posting a status. The new version involves a time limit of 24 hours, meaning any status you put up, won’t…

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How do I send Photos, Videos and Voice Messages on WhatsApp


WhatsApp has been the most downloaded and loved app amongst the thousands of available app on the internet. WhatsApp’s simplicity and its various features make it on the top of the list. Its image and Videos sharing feature adds it to its user’s favourites. Also the voice messaging and calling features are the most worthy…

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What is Whatsapp Web and how to use Whatsapp Web?


Whatsapp can now be accessed simultaneously on mobile as well as on pc using the new whats-app feature Whatsapp Web App. Here’s how to get WhatsApp on your phone, tablet, laptop and your PC, all at once. IPhone support has also been announced by the company, so iOS users can now access whatsapp web ios….

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How to Change Whatsapp Status and DP on Android Phone


Whatsapp helps you not only to chat with your friends and family but also helps to track the Status, Latest activities, and share Images and videos. Being a social media app, WhatsApp requires your information to display which includes your Profile Pic or DP (Display Picture), Status and Name.  Set or Change Your WhatsApp Status…

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How to Download and Use Whatsapp on PC or Laptop

Whatsapp has been one of the most Popular and Downloaded apps amongst the thousands of Available messaging apps available on google play. The thing that makes Whatsapp the favourite apps is its simplicity and its ease of access with its amazing features of calling, Image and Videos sharing, Whatsapp Status updating and large collection of…

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